At Flood Design Studio we push boundaries. We build bridges to goals. We create and tell stories. At Flood we do everything we can to make each brand unique.


From beauty salons to streaming services, from butchers to landscapers. No project is too big or too small for Flood. We believe in strong brands and we believe even more that every brand has the potential to become a strong brand.

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From idea till experience-

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Why every brand needs a unique branding and crystal clear communication
  • You and your company will grow faster and stronger.

  • You can communicate more consistently and you will appeal the right target group.

  • Your company will be recognized and remembered faster.

  • You create customer loyalty so that existing customers keep coming back.

  • Your image will evoke the right feelings in your target audience.

  • Your business will stand out from the competition.

  • You will be able to convince future customers more easily.

  • Your company will be experienced as a professional.


Branding and visual identity

Strong brands distinguish themselves from other brands by communicating clearly. Their branding is unique and consistent, they speak clear language and they touch their customers deeply. Everything they say, do and broadcast forms one unbreakable whole. Branding goes beyond a logo, colors and fonts. You have to breathe and feel your brand.


Every company needs a visual identity that mirrors the company's vision, mission and philosophy. No matter how small or large your company is. Unique branding takes you one step closer to success.


Are you still convinced of your current branding? Or does it not exist at all? Feel free to contact me and together we will see how we can make your story shimmer.

Print solutions

and graphic design

In the future, a strong corporate identity can also be translated into print. Think of business cards, flyers, packaging ect. Print is something tangible and empowers your brand. Customers want to be able to feel brands and what could be better than effectively handing them something over?


At Flood Design Studio you can find everything you need. From standard print solutions to the most special requests. Flood Design Studio works together with a whole range of specialists so that every question can be answered.


You can also contact Flood Design Studio for other graphic expressions. Think of web design, social media design, social media management, etc. Not sure yet which implementations would match with your company? Get some inspiration in my portfolio or contact me for free advice.

Illustrations and portraits

Flood Design Studio also specializes in custom made illustrations and portraits. From illustration styles for brands to single use illustrations for campaigns or packaging. Flood has the right answer for every question and every company.


Even private individuals can also have illustrations made at Flood. As a gift or simply to spice up your own living space. Curious about which illustrations I have previously realized for clients? Discover them in my portfolio under illustrations.

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01. Free intake call

First we look at what your wishes are, what your company needs and what the options are.

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02. Ideation and creation

After thorough research, we will determine a strategy and start designing.

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03. Proposal

After an extensive design process you will receive a well-founded proposal.

Recent projects-