Physiotherapist 'Mobility' was the typical practice like thirteen in a dozen. After long consideration, the owner Gertjan Van Gils decided that his practice needed an upgrade. If he wants to grow and become better known, there was a new brand strategy, communication strategy, visual identity and website.


After some consideration it was clear that the basis was not good either. The old name 'Mobility' is not a strong name and says little about the brand itself. With the whole team we organized a naming workshop that resulted in the name 'Trug'. This distinctive name is original in its category and that is precisely why we opted for a very typical branding. The spine element ensures that all puzzle pieces fall into place and form a strong whole.


* This project is not a project of Flood, but of Lemonaid Agency. A pop-up communication agency of which the company owner of Flood was part.


Project members: Sofie Buyse, Louise Bosmans, Larissa Goffin and Joachim Leyder


Brand and communication strategy


Print solutions

Social media strategy